About Us

With just one piece of paper, you can fold it into anything you desire. A crane, a heart, a box, a dog, even a jumping frog. It's all possible with some well planned folds. Origami is awesome and fun at the same time. This website is here to share some of that fun and awesomeness with you.

Every step by step instruction available on this site assumes you have little to no experience in folding origami so that everyone is able to fold any model they see here. Some models are extremely easy and some require a little patience and trial and error, but none are overly complex. We do our best to create origami instructions that you can follow.

Alliah Cabodbod - Chief Editor

Alliah is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology from a prestigious school at Caraga State University. Her current work is far from the degree she had. She has a talent and skills for anything that includes creativity such as writing, video editing, graphics designing, media managing, singing, song composition, dancing, life documentary and etc. Which led her to write on the website origamiway.com. It had always been her dream to do what she loves and fulfill her fullest potential.

Have fun folding and tell all your friends about OrigamiWay.com!