Easy Origami Yoda Instructions Page 2

Step 13 Step 13: Get out another piece of square origami paper and place it color side up.
Step 14Step 14-2 Step 14: Fold the left half to the right, then unfold.
Step 15Step 15-2 Step 15: Fold the top left and right edges to the center, but at a slight angle like in the pictures.
Step 16Step 16-2 Step 16: Fold the bottom left and right edges to the center.
Step 17 Step 17: Turn the paper over.
Step 18Step 18-2 Step 18: Fold the bottom corner to the top corner.
Step 19 Step 19: Fold the top corner to the bottom edge.
Step 20 Step 20: Fold the top corner of the lower layer down like this.
Step 21 Step 21: Turn the paper over.
Step 22Step 22-2 Step 22: Fold the left and right corners to the center.
Step 23 Step 23: Turn the paper over.
Step 24Step 24-2 Step 24: Slide Yoda's head over the top of the body and turn the figure over again.

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