How to Make a Paper Balloon Page 3

Step 8-1Step 15-2 Step 15: Take the loose tip at the top and fold it to the side. You should now have a small triangle sticking out of the side
Step 16Step 16 Step 16: Fold the left corner of the small triangle over to its right corner. You should now have an even smaller triangle.
Step 17-1Step 17-2Step 17-3Step 17-4 Step 17: Unfold the left flap underneath the small triangle you just made.

Next, open the top of that flap to create a little pocket.

Finally, tuck the small triangle into the pocket.
Step 18 Step 18: Repeat steps 15 to 17 for the loose tip on the right side, and the ones on the back. Front and back should look like this image.
Step 19 Step 19: Find a little hole at the bottom. This is where we blow.
Step 20-1Step 20-2 Step 20: Separate the layers a little to make it easier to shape. Once you're done blowing, it should look like this.

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