How to Make a Paper Helicopter Page 2

Paper Helicopter Step 7 Step 7: About 1/4 below the propellers, cut a horizontal slit about 1/3rd the width of the paper.
Paper Helicopter Step 8 Step 8: Turn the figure over and cut the other side the same way.
Paper Helicopter Step 9 Step 9: Now you can fold in one side of the base.
Paper Helicopter Step 10-1Paper Helicopter Step 10-2 Step 10: Turn the figure over and fold in the other side of the base.
Paper Helicopter Step 11-1Paper Helicopter Step 11-2Paper Helicopter Step 11-3 Step 11: From here, you can use a paperclip to clip the folded sides together, or use tape to tape around the bottom base.

The idea is to provide a little weight at the base so that the propellers can spin well. If you're using tape and it's not spinning well, just add a little more tape.
Paper Helicopter Step 12 Step 12: Toss the helicopter in the air or drop it from somewhere high and watch it float down spinning. If it's not spinning enough, you might need a little more weight at the base.

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