Origami Bat Instructions Page 3

Step 17 Step 17: Turn over so we can fold the other wing.
Step 18-1Step 18-2 Step 18: Fold the other wing diagonally creasing from the bottom corner to where the triangle and trapezoid folds meet.
Step 19-1Step 19-2 Step 19: Now fold it back to match the other wing.
Step 20 Step 20: Spread out the wings.
Step 21-1Step 21-2Step 21-3Step 21-4 Step 21: Place your thumb under the front flap of the both wings and push up to make it open.
Step 22-1Step 22-2 Step 22: Diagonally crease the bottom part of the wings up like in the picture.
Step 23 Step 23: Now your bat should look as cool as this!

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