Origami Bat Instructions

Origami BatLearn how to make an Origami Bat designed by Eric Ha with instructions below.
Difficulty: Medium

This origami bat is one of the coolest I've seen, but I could be biased since I designed it myself :) Don't take my word for it though. Make it and see for yourself. The wings may look wierd in the picture, but it's actually really cool when you see it in real life. The wings aren't flat because the corners protrude forward to add a looming effect to it. I think you'll enjoy making this origami bat as much as I enjoyed designing it.

Origami Bat Instructions Step 1 Step 1: Start with a square sheet of origami paper, color side down. If you only have regular rectangular paper, follow instructions on how to make origami paper.
Origami Bat Instructions Step 2-1Origami Bat Instructions Step 2-2 Step 2: Fold the left half to the right half, making sure to align the edges. Then unfold.
Origami Bat Instructions Step 3-1Origami Bat Instructions Step 3-2 Step 3: Fold in half diagonally by folding the bottom right corner to the top left corner. Then unfold again.
Origami Bat Instructions Step 4-1Origami Bat Instructions Step 4-2 Step 4: Fold in half diagonally once again by folding the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Unfold again.
Origami Bat Instructions Step 5 Step 5: Fold the bottom half to the top half.
Origami Bat Instructions Step 6-1Origami Bat Instructions Step 6-2 Step 6: Fold in half again, then unfold.
Origami Bat Instructions Step 7-1Origami Bat Instructions Step 7-2 Step 7: Fold the top left and right corners down as shown in the picture.
Origami Bat Instructions Step 8-1Origami Bat Instructions Step 8-2Origami Bat Instructions Step 8-3 Step 8: Fold in the left side creasing from the top center to the bottom left corner. Fold in the right side as well. You should now have a triangle like the picture.

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