Origami Bird Instructions Page 3

Step 11 Step 11: Now fold the whole piece in half by folding the right side under the left.
Step 12 Step 12: Rotate the paper counter-clockwise (left) just a little bit and you'll see the bird taking shape.
Step 13 Step 13: Grab about a third of the head and fold it down sideways. This will prepare you for the next step.
Step 14Step 14-2 Step 14: Now open the top corner so you can push the head in to where you creased it in the previous step.

Then do an inside reverse fold so the head will sink in, and crease the left and right sides together to hold it in place.
Step 15Step 15-2Step 15-3 Step 15: Fold the tail up about 2/3rds of the way and fold another portion of it back out just like you see in the picture. Now unfold the tail.

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