Make a Paper Boat Origami Boat Instructions and Diagram

Origami BoatFollow the steps below to make this Origami paper Boat.
Difficulty: Medium

If you've always wanted play with boats in the tub, but your parents wouldn't get one for you, don't worry. I will show you how to make an origami boat out of paper, and yes it floats...for a little bit, but it's still fun nonetheless. However, I heard that if you color the bottom of the boat with crayon, then it will float longer. Just be careful not to splash too much water on it!

The origami boat is actually very simple to make. All you need is a rectangular piece of paper, so any 8.5x11 copy or lined paper will do. Then follow the instructions and pictures carefully and you'll be able to make your own origami boat that floats.

Step 1 Step 1: Start with an 8.5x11 sheet of rectangular paper.
Step 2Step 2-2 Step 2: Fold the paper in half left to right, then unfold.
Step 3 Step 3: Fold in half again, this time folding top to bottom.
Step 4 Step 4: Fold the upper left and right corners to the middle.
Step 5 Step 5: Fold the bottom strip up.
Step 6 Step 6: Do the same to the strip on the other side.
Step 7Step 7-2Step 7-3 Step 7: Open up the paper all the way to collapse it into a diamond shaped figure.        

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