How to Make an Origami Boy

Origami BoyFollow these instructions to make an origami boy.
Difficulty: Easy!

Boy oh boy! You can learn how to make an origami boy with these easy step by step instructions. Maybe you can make him come alive just like Pinocchio! Only problem is, his head will be flat. And he doesn't have a body. Hmmm...Maybe it's best to just leave him as paper.

Step 1 Step 1: start with a square sheet of origami paper. If you don't have origami paper, follow instructions on how to make origami paper with regular 8.5x11 paper.
Step 2 Step 2: Fold the paper in half from left to right.
Step 3 Step 3: Simply unfold.
Step 4 Step 4: Fold the paper in half again, but from top to bottom.
Step 5 Step 5: Again, unfold.
Step 6 Step 6: Fold the top left and right corners to the center.
Step 7 Step 7: Turn the paper over.

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