Origami Butterfly Instructions Page 2

Step 9Step 9-2 Step 9: Bring the left and right creases together to form this triangle.
Step 10 Step 10: Fold the left corner of the top layer to the top corner of the triangle.
Step 11 Step 11: Fold the right corner to the top corner.
Step 12 Step 12: Turn over.
Step 13 Step 13: Fold the bottom part of the triangle up with a portion of the top corner showing, like in the picture.
Step 14 Step 14: Turn over.
Step 15Step 15-2 Step 15: Pull down the left flap of the triangle and the side will be forced to bend in. Fold and flatten the side down.
Step 16 Step 16: Like before, pull down the right flap and fold in the side.

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