Origami Cat Instructions Page 2

Step 10 Step 10: Fold the figure in half by folding the right side over to the left.
Step 11 Step 11: Fold the thin triangle to the right. This is the tail.
Step 12 Step 12: Unfold the tail. All we need is the crease for the next step.
Step 13Step 13-2 Step 13: Outside reverse fold the tail. Do this by opening the figure and bending the tail up along the creases you just made. Now close the figure and crease the sides in.
Step 14 Step 14: Fold the bottom corner up, but maker sure the base lines up with the base of the tail.
Step 15 Step 15: Do the same for the other side.
Step 16Step 16-2 Step 16: Beginning at the corner of the foot, open up the body as shown.

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Step 17 Step 17: Fold down the top as shown.