Origami Cat Instructions and Diagram

Origami Cat
Follow the steps below to make this cool Origami Cat by Eric Ha.
Difficulty: Medium

Wow, this origami cat is one of the best looking I've ever seen that's not too difficult to fold. Maybe I'm biased since I designed it, but it really is pretty. I chose black because black cats are spooky and cool, but also because I need an excuse to use all the black origami paper I have.

I wouldn't consider this origami cat easy if you have no experience at all. In fact, some folds may require a couple of attempts to get right, but they're not impossible. You'll have fun folding this figure and you'll have fun with it after you're done.

Step 1 Step 1: Start with a square piece of origami paper. If you only have regular 8.5x11 paper, follow these instructions to make a square sheet.
Step 2 Step 2: Fold the paper in half by folding the left corner to the right corner.
Step 3 Step 3: Unfold.
Step 4 Step 4: Fold the upper left and right sides to the center as shown.
Step 5 Step 5: Now fold the bottom left and right sides to the center.
Step 6 Step 6: Fold in half by folding the bottom corner to the top.
Step 7 Step 7: Fold most (not all) of the flap back down.
Step 8Step 8-2 Step 8: Here's one of the tricky folds. Open the pocket on the left side and squash down while folding the left side of the triangle to the center.

You may need to adjust the pocket and it's okay if it's not perfect.
Step 9 Step 9: Do the same to the right side. Now we have a thinner triangle.

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