Origami Crane Instructions Page 3

Step 17 Step 17: Flip the paper over and do the same thing to the other side.
Step 18 Step 18: Take the top layer of the right flap and fold it over to the left.
Step 19 Step 19: Flip it over and do the same thing to the other side (folding the right flap over to the left). Both sides should look like this now.
Step 20 Step 20: Just like you see in the picture diagram, take the left and right pieces underneath the top flap and pull them apart. Crease the bottom of those pieces so that they'll stay spread apart.
Step 21 Step 21: Take one of those pieces that you pulled apart, and slightly open the top corner so that you can bend a portion of it down to form the head. After bending a portion down, crease the sides of the head up so the piece will stay bent.
Step 22 Step 22: Bend the wings down at a 90 degree angle and voila! You made a beautiful origami crane!

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