Origami Dog Instructions Page 4

Step 22 Step 22: Pinch the right side of the figure in half and lift it up.
Step 23 Step 23: Fold the top and bottom triangle and crease the base of the flap until it stands vertically.
Step 24 Step 24: Bend the flap upwards.
Step 25Step 25-2 Step 25: Take the whole flap and bend it back.
Step 26 Step 26: Fold down the top triangle flaps.
Step 27 Step 27: Let's work on the tail. Fold down the tail like in the picture.
Step 28 Step 28: Unfold.
Step 29Step 29-2Step 29-3 Step 29: Now do an inside reverse fold to make the tail. Basically open the rear a little and bend the tail flap down at the crease. Curve the tip up and close the rear, creasing the tail.

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