Origami Dog Instructions Page 5

Step 30Step 30-2Step 30-3 Step 30: Fold the top flap to the left, unfold, and fold it and fold it behind. This is so we can get a good crease.
Step 31 Step 31: Bring the top flap to the original position.
Step 32Step 32-2 Step 32: Open the top flap at the crease and bend down the top.
Step 33 Step 33: Bend the top down and crease the sides of the flap to form the head.
Step 34Step 34-2Step 34-3 Step 34: Create the muzzle by doing an inside reverse fold.

Basically open the head and bend parts of the triangle in, and bend another part out, then close.
Step 35Step 35-2 Step 35: Make the nose with an outside reverse fold. Open the muzzle and curl the corner up, then close.
Step 36Step 36-2 Step 36: Let's make the tail thinner. Fold a portion of the rear inside and crease.
Step 37 Step 37: Woof! You're done!.

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