Origami Dog Box Instructions Page 2

Step 8Step 8-2Step 8-3 Step 8: Fold the top layer of the left flap over to the right, crease the center well, then fold back.
Step 9Step 9-2 Step 9: Fold the bottom corner up into a triangle as shown, then unfold.
Step 10Step 10-2 Step 10: From the corner of the triangle's crease, fold both layers of the left side over, then unfold.
Step 11Step 11-2 Step 11: Repeat on the right side.
Step 12Step 12-2 Step 12: Fold the top layer of both sides to the vertical crease, then unfold.
Step 13Step 13-2 Step 13: Open the left flap at the crease and squash down.
Step 14 Step 14: Repeat the squash fold on the right flap.

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