Origami Dove Instructions Page 4

Step 22 Step 22: Turn the figure over.
Step 23Step 23-2 Step 23: Now we'll repeat the fold on this side. Again, fold the crease diagonally just as you see in the picture.
Step 24 Step 24: Fold the top piece (which is the tail) to the right, along the lines you created with the wing.
Step 25 Step 25: Unfold the tail.
Step 26 Step 26: Take the right side of the figure and open it up to the left.
Step 27Step 27-2 Step 27: Using the creases as guide, do an inside reverse fold on the tail. Once the tail is tucked inside, fold the dove back together.
Step 28 Step 28: Take the top wing and fold it diagonally left.

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