Origami Dragon Instructions Page 2

Step 9 Step 9: Unfold the top and both sides.
Step 10Step 10-2Step 10-3 Step 10: Do a petal fold. Using the top layer only, lift from the bottom all the way up. Fold in the sides along the crease.
Step 11 Step 11: Turn the figure over.
Step 12 Step 12: Fold the sides to the center like before.
Step 13 Step 13: Fold the above flap down like before.
Step 14 Step 14: Unfold the top and sides.
Step 15Step 15-2 Step 15: Do another petal fold like step 10.
Step 16Step 16-2 Step 16: Let's make the head. To do this, open the left side so you can perform an inside reverse fold, then flatten down.

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