Origami Dragon Instructions Page 5

Step 28Step 28-2Step 28-3 Step 28: Open the left flap of the wing, then fold down the entire wing and tuck inside the loose flap. Close the loose flap over the wing.
Step 29 Step 29: Fold the loose flap to the left.
Step 30 Step 30: Open the wing and fold along the left and right corners.
Step 31Step 31-2 Step 31: With your thumb, push in the right (colored) side of the wing so that it pops in.
Step 32Step 32-2 Step 32: You'll have to re-crease the left side, beginning at the left corner and stopping at the colored side. Do not crease the colored side because it has to remain popped in.

I recommend you keep a thumb over the colored side to keep it popped in while you crease the left side with the other hand. I would show this in the picture, but I need the other hand to take the picture.
Step 33 Step 33: Repeat Steps 27-32 for the other wing. When you are done, the top should look like this if you popped the wings right.
Step 34Step 34-2 Step 34: Open the wings. Your dragon is ready to take flight. Hold the chest of the dragon in one hand and pull the tail with the other, then watch it come to life!

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