Origami Lucky Star Instructions

Origami Lucky StarOrigami lucky stars are also known as origami wishing stars. Making puffy stars out of paper in the origami style is thought to bring good luck. And when you distribute them, they bring even better luck.
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

They look so gorgeous and puffy, and when you give someone a lot of them, they get to make a wish (isn't that wonderful?). You can also use them as decor by stuffing jars or bowls with them, or you may put them in gift bags as a fortunate charm.

Of course, it would be a lot of fun to do this with your kids and other loved ones. The five-pointed origami stars also resemble well-known Hollywood stars, don't you think? So, yes, you might say that they represent fame.

These two origami lucky stars are both fairly simple to build. Even beginners can make them perfectly after practicing a few times. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some colored paper and start making some origami stars following the steps mentioned and explained in this article

Long time ago in Japan, there was a little girl named Hoshi who was fascinated by the stars of the sky. She was absolutely in awe of them and would lie on the grass at night and stare at them for hours, wondering how the little bright specks of light can stay in the air for so long.

One night while watching the stars, something happened in the sky that made her sad and she began to cry. The stars were falling out of heaven like a shower. So many of them were falling that she was afraid there would be no more.

Suddenly she had an idea. Hoshi ran home and came back with a jar and some paper, and she sat down to watch the stars again. For every star that fell, Hoshi made a paper star and placed it in the jar. That night, she made one hundred stars. However, she was still sad because many more fell from the sky and she wasn't able to fold them all.

Origami Star Jar

The next night, there were only a few stars in the sky. Hoshi was worried, but she had just one more idea. She ran and knocked on all the doors in the village and told all the little boys and girls to come out. She explained to them what was happening and they all wanted to help. That night they made two thousand stars and every kid placed their own stars in their own jar.

And then something magical happened. More stars began to appear in the sky and all the little boys and girls were happy. Hoshi spoke and said, "These stars are lucky because of us. From now on, these paper stars will be called lucky stars." Hoshi then looked up at the sky and said, "Whenever a lucky star is made, a falling star is saved."

The little boys and girls have all grown up now and to this day, still make lucky stars and place them in a jar. Although they have brought luck to the falling stars, some say that the stars have brought luck to them.

"Whenever a lucky star is made, a falling star is saved."

Story by OrigamiWay.com

Thanks to a fellow folder for this useful tip: You can just pinch the corners if you have a hard time puffing them up to the directions.

What Sort of Paper is Utilized to Make an Origami Lucky Star?

Any paper you have is OK as long as it is thin (light) and not card stock. Not interested in cutting the strips yourself? Paper strips pre cut to size for origami lucky stars are available.

Why do People Make Lucky Stars?

People love to make lucky star origami for making wishes for their loved ones and also, because it represents a special gift of love, and good luck. And by making it, it’s believed that it brings good luck for them. There’s a popular saying in Japanese about the origami lucky stars that, "Whenever a lucky star is made, a falling star is saved."

How Many Lucky Stars Make a Wish?

It is stated that if you make 100 or 1,000, you can make a wish on these. The recipient can also write a wish on the stars if you offer them 100 or 1,000 folded fortunate stars. These Lucky Stars enter the marketplace through this act of presenting them to someone and giving them meaning.

What do a Lucky Star Mean?

When you tell someone to thank your lucky stars, you are telling them that something is true and that they should be extremely grateful for it because, if it weren't, things would be much worse.

However, it denotes riches and good luck.

What do Origami Lucky Stars Represent in Japan?

Japanese origami lucky stars stand for a unique token of love and fortune.

How to Make an Origami Lucky Star?

These origami stars are perfect for any occasion. All you need is some time to spare and a piece of paper then you’re good to go. Follow the instructions below to make this origami lucky star

Origami Lucky Star Instructions Step 1 Step 1: Start with strip of paper or ribbon. To cut out a straight strip of paper, first fold a small strip and then cut with scissors.
Origami Lucky Star Instructions Step 2 Step 2: Tie a knot at the top as shown.
Origami Lucky Star Instructions Step 3 Step 3: Flatten the knot (Make sure the knot is not loose).
Origami Lucky Star Instructions Step 4Step 4-2 Step 4: Tuck the loose end into the pocket of the knot.
Origami Lucky Star Instructions Step 5 Step 5: Fold the long leftover strip along the edge of the pentagon shape.

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