Origami Meaning - Definition and Tutorials

Origami meaning: What is it? ORI means folding and GAMI means paper. Origami is the art of paper folding. You will learn how to fold amazing paper models and begin to love the art. It's more than folding paper just to make it more compact so it can fit in your pocket. It's about folding paper into beautiful works of art.

Some models can be simple, yet recognizable and its beauty is in it's simplicity and some models can be complex and more lifelike with hundreds of steps. Either way, creating a model takes planning and each fold is like a stroke of the brush on a canvas. Or if you're like me, random brush strokes, or random folds in this case, can miraculously and accidently turn your paper into something you can brag about. For now, you don't have to create anything from a blank canvas. Just follow my step by step tutorials to make something awesome.

How to Fold

Why stop at learning origami meaning when you can immerse yourself in the art. Origami is usually folded with origami paper because they're square, colorul, and easy to fold with and your models will turn out great, but you can also create a square if you only have 8.5x11 or A4 rectangular paper. You can also simply print origami paper if you have a printer.

Now let's graduate from origami meaning to origami folding. Select the type of model that you want to make below.

Origami meaning: Origami is more than just paper folding. It's paper transforming. It's paper magic. It's art.