Origami Monkey Instructions Page 2

Step 11Step 11-2Step 11-3 Step 11: Open the top layer and crease to the side, then fold the top point down to the bottom left corner.

You might need a couple of tries.
Step 12 Step 12: Fold about 2/3rds of the flap back up.
Step 13Step 13-2 Step 13: Fold a small portion of the flap base under and back.
Step 14 Step 14: Fold a bottom part of the triangle under and back.
Step 15 Step 15: Open the left and right side of the head to form the ears.
Step 16 Step 16: Fold the base of the monkey in diagonally as shown. This will allow the monkey to stand.
Step 17 Step 17: Fold the tail up along the line of the ..."ahem"... butt.
Step 18 Step 18: Unfold the tail.
Step 19Step 19-2 Step 19: With the crease you just made, do an outside reverse fold.

Basically open the tail a bit and fold it up, then crease the sides in so it'll stay put.
Step 20 Step 20: Now you have a monkey that can stand up!

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