Origami Panda Head Instructions Page 4

Step 21 Step 21: Fold the left ear to the right, creasing at the point where the ears and cheeks meet.
Step 22 Step 22: Fold the right corner of the ear to the bottom, then unfold.
Step 23Step 23-2 Step 23: Now fold the right side of the triangle to the bottom, then unfold.
Step 24Step 24-2 Step 24: Open the ear and squash down as shown.
Step 25 Step 25: Repeat steps 22-24 for the right ear.
Step 26Step 26-2 Step 26: Fold the top of the head back, creasing between the corners of both ears. This will cause the panda ears to magically appear :)
Step 27 Step 27: Fold the cheeks back and you will have completed the head.

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