Origami Paper

With origami paper, you'll be able to fold your favorite origami artfully and with precision. There are different sizes and colors to choose from so your sculpture can be beautiful the way you want them to be. I highly recommend using actual origami paper instead of regular 8½x11 paper. Sometimes you don't want your origami so big or just plain white.

I've compiled a list of origami paper from Amazon below so you don't have to go searching for them like I did. The image is on the left side and a description is on the right. Origami paper is absolutely necessary if you want your work to turn out nice. Just try it once and you'll never look back.

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500 Origami Folding Paper Assorted Origami Folding Paper in Assorted Colors, 500 Sheets approximately 6 Inches Square

I used this origami paper for the website. This paper, although good for beginners, is also capable of some advanced folding. This is an all around paper that you'll enjoy playing with. It's a little pricier than other 500 sheet origami paper, but the quality is a lot better and each sheet has different colors on each side which makes it better suited for origami.

Last time I checked it was $21.95, but I don't think you can go wrong with this because you'll get 500 quality origami paper to play with. Comes in 18 colors including gold and silver. Non-toxic and made in Japan.

Washi Style Origami Paper, 120 sheets

When you want to start making beautiful origami even more beautiful, this is the paper to graduate to. It's pretty designs and colors will make your origami dazzle and exquisite. If origami is a hobby for you, you absolutely have to pick up a pack of these. This package comes with 120 sheets in 30 assorted designs.

Metallic Foil Origami Paper: 18 5-7/8 x 5-7/8 Sheets in 9 Colors

Foil origami paper are awesome and can add a shiny new look to your creations. I chose this batch because the of the superb quality. The foil doesn't crack or peel off the paper like other foil origami paper. Comes in burnt orange, tangerine, sapphire blue, spring and forest green, magenta, and violet.

Melissa & Doug Origami Paper

This package is great for beginners and make good practice paper. You can make simple to fairly advanced origami creations with this, but it's not the best for delicate folds. It's not impossible, but you'll be better off with the other papers above.

This is a great price point to jump into purchasing origami paper. Comes with 51 sheets with 17 colors including metallics and fluorescents.