Origami Secret Heart Instructions Page 3

Step 15Step 15-2 Step 15: Like Step 11, open, squash, and fold the left side.
Step 16 Step 16: Like Step 12, fold the top and bottom corners to the center.
Step 17 Step 17: Like Step 13, fold the right corner to the center.
Step 18Step 18-2 Step 18: Like Step 14, fold the right half over to the left.
Step 19Step 19-2 Step 19: Diagonally fold back both bottom corners to form the shape of the bottom of a heart.
Step 20 Step 20: Fold back the top outter corners of the heart.
Step 21 Step 21: Now fold back the top inner corners of the heart of complete the heart shape.
Step 22Step 22 Step 22: Go ahead and write a message inside the secret heart and if you like, use sticker to tape the heart shut.

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