Origami Squash Fold Instructions

Origami Squash FoldOrigami is truly one of the most satisfying things you can do with paper. You don’t have to be a master at it to even have your first origami done. All you have to do is follow simple instructions carefully, one after the other and you’ll complete the fold. Follow the steps below to learn how to make an origami squash fold.
Difficulty: Easy

The fun one gets from folding paper to making 2 and 3-dimensional objects is not the only reason people do origami. Origami is also known to improve one’s motor and organizational skills. There’s a certain satisfaction people get from doing stuff with their hands, engaging in craft and it is actual science. When we do work with our hands that we enjoy, it releases a chemical in our brain called Serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone. That’s that good feeling you derive from folding a paper plane or other popular types of origami.

Origami has become quite a hobby for a lot of people. It is fun and engaging and can even be mentally challenging at the same time. It is such a great group activity if you’re looking for something to spice up your next hangout with friends. Everyone can come with their paper, and that’s the amazing thing about it; you can use any paper, and you can all follow the instructions to an easy or even more challenging origami fold, depending on what you want and you and your friends get to decide who has the best fold. Nothing is as fun as an activity with friends that allows you to explore your crafty side again.

How do You Make a Squash Fold in Origami?

The origami squash fold is one of the very interesting origami folds. It’s easy and there are several methods you can apply to achieve the origami squash fold, and we looked at all three different methods in this article. It’s a very common fold, and easy to achieve as well. It is suitable for beginners who are looking to try their hands on origami.

This origami squash fold tutorial will take you through three different examples.

Origami Squash Fold Step 1Step 1-2 Step 1: This is the first of three sqash fold examples. Fold a square sheet of paper in half.
Origami Squash Fold Step 2Step 2-2 Step 2: Fold the left half to the right, then unfold.
Origami Squash Fold Step 3Step 3-2 Step 3: Fold the top left corner down to the center.
Origami Squash Fold Step 4Step 4-2Step 4-3 Step 4: Open the left flap and squash down as shown.
Origami Squash Fold Step 5Step 5-2Step 5-3 Step 5: Here's the second example. With a square sheet of paper folded in half like before, fold the left edge to the center, then unfold.
Origami Squash Fold Step 6Step 6-2 Step 6: Now fold the top left corner down to the crease you just made.
Origami Squash Fold Step 7Step 7-2Step 7-3 Step 7: Open that flap and squash down as shown.
Origami Squash Fold Step 8Step 8-2 Step 8: This is the third example of the squash fold. With a square sheet of paper rotated to resemble a diamond, fold the top corner down to the bottom corner. Now you should have an upside down triangle.
Origami Squash Fold Step 9Step 9-2 Step 9: Fold the right edge of the triangle to the center, then unfold.
Origami Squash Fold Step 10Step 10-2Step 10-3 Step 10: Open that flap and squash down as shown.