Origami Swan Instructions Page 5

Step 31 Step 31: Now for the wings. Fold the bottom flap diagonally up like in the picture. The right edges of the wing should line up when you fold it.
Step 32 Step 32: Fold the bottom corner of the wing up to line up with the crease in the middle of the wing.
Step 33 Step 33: Unfold the bottom corner.
Step 34 Step 34: Do an inside reverse fold to that corner.
Step 35 Step 35: Repeat steps 31 - 34 on the other wing. Once you're done, it should look like this.
Step 36Step 36-2 Step 36: The neck is pretty thick so we'll fold it inwards. Crease it well so the thick neck stays inside.
Step 37 Step 37: Make the head by doing an inside reverse fold.

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