Flying Ninja Paper Airplane Page 3

Step 19Step 19-2 Step 19: Take the top flap of the left side and bring it over to the right side.
Step 20Step 20-2 Step 20: Fold the top point down to an inch away from the bottom edge. Make sure the point is at the center of the paper where the crease is.
Step 21Step 21-2 Step 21: Now fold that same point up to the top edge. Again, make sure it's centered.
Step 22 Step 22: Turn the paper over.
Step 23Step 23-2 Step 23: Fold the left half to the right. Almost done!
Step 24Step 24-2Step 24-3 Step 24: This may be a tricky fold. Fold the right side along the red line. This is the wing. After the fold, make sure the edge of the wing (that's indicated by a long yellow line in the picture) is parallel to the body (that's indicated by a short yellow line).
Step 25 Step 25: Turn the paper over.
Step 26Step 26-2 Step 26: Now fold the other wing to line up with the first wing.
Step 27 Step 27: Open the wings and your plane should look as cool as mine.
Step 28 Step 28: When opening the wings, make it tilt up a bit to help it fly better.
Step 29 Step 29: Hold the front of the plane like this and throw it however you want to throw it. Up at angle, straight, straight up, sideways, etc. The Flying Ninja can take it and will perform different moves depending on how you throw it. If it always turns to one side, simply tilt that side's wing a little higher.