Flying Ninja Paper Airplane

Flying Ninja Paper AirplaneDifficulty: Medium

It dashes, it flips, it turns on a dime. Sometimes you think the Flying Ninja will do this or that, but it will do that or this instead. It's sneaky, it's tricky, it's unpredictable.

Step 1 Step 1: Start with a regular piece of rectangle paper that's 8.5 x 11.0 inches (215.9 x 279.4 mm).
Step 2Step 2-2 Step 2: Fold the top left corner down to the right edge as shown. Make the top right corner as pointy as possible.
Step 3 Step 3: Unfold.
Step 4Step 4-2 Step 4: Fold the top right corner to the left edge as shown.
Step 5 Step 5: Unfold. You should now have two diagonal creases that form an "X"
Step 6 Step 6: Turn the paper over.
Step 7Step 7-2 Step 7: Fold the top down by lining up both top two corners to the bottom of both diagonal creases. In other words, fold down at the "X" of the diagonal creases.
Step 8 Step 8: Unfold.
Step 9 Step 9: Turn the paper over.

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