Hammer Paper Airplane Page 2

Step 12Step 12-2Step 12-3 Step 12: Let's create "new creases" that we can use. Fold the top two corners to the center of the X crease indicated by the black arrow.
Step 13 Step 13: Unfold.
Step 14 Step 14: Fold the top flap up at the red arrows where its edges meet the "new creases".
Step 15Step 15-2 Step 15: Fold the left and right diagonal edges to the "new creases".
Step 16Step 16-2Step 16-3 Step 16: Fold in diagonally one more time at the "new creases".
Step 17Step 17-2 Step 17: Fold the top part down as shown.
Step 18 Step 18: Turn the paper over.
Step 19Step 19-2 Step 19: Fold the left half to the right.
Step 20Step 20-2 Step 20: Make the wings by folding the right edge to the left edge indicated by the black arrow.
Step 21 Step 21: Turn the paper over.
Step 22Step 22-2 Step 22: Now fold the second wing to line up with the first wing.
Step 23 Step 23: Open the wings. All done! Now let's learn how to fly the Hammer right.
Step 24 Step 24: When unfolding the wings, make sure they are tilted up a bit like this so the plane can fly well.
Step 25 Step 24: Hold this part of the plane and aim it slightly up so it can fly far. Now throw it hard!

How to Make a Hammer Paper Airplane? [VIDEO]