Pteroplane Paper Airplane Page 3

Step 21Step 21-2 Step 21: Take the rectangle piece that you cut or tore off earlier in step 11, and cut or tear it in half. Keep one and throw the other half away.
Step 22Step 22-2 Step 22: Fold in half from bottom to top. This will be the plane's tail.
Step 23Step 23-2 Step 23: Bring in the plane's body and rotate it counter clockwise as shown.
Step 24Step 24-2 Step 24: Slide the tail all the way into the pocket of the body.
Step 25Step 25-2 Step 25: Fold the wing and tail down at about a pinky's width of the tail.
Step 26Step 26-2 Step 26: Turn the paper over and fold this wing and tail down to line up with the other wing.
Step 27 Step 27: Open the wings and your plane should look like this.
Step 28 Step 28: Before flying the plane, make sure the wings and tail are tilted up a bit like this. This will help make it fly better.
Step 29 Step 29: Hold the front of the plane like this and throw it fast at an upward angle.
Step 30 Step 30: To make it perform other stunts, you may pinch up or down the back of the wing near the tail like this. Pinch one wing or both and see what it does!