Star Crusher Page 3

Step 32 Step 32: Turn the paper over.
Step 33Step 33-2 Step 33: Fold in the top part as far as it will go.
Step 34Step 34-2 Step 34: Fold the left half over to the right.
Step 35Step 35-2Step 35-3 Step 35: Place your fingernail at the bottom corner of the "fang" and fold the wing over to the left at a slight angle.
Step 36 Step 36: Turn the paper over.
Step 37 Step 37: Now fold this wing over to line up with the first wing.
Step 38Step 38-2 Step 38: Fold in the wing's fin. When folding, the crease (and edge of the fin) should be parallel with the edge of the base.
Step 39 Step 39: Turn the paper over.
Step 40 Step 40: Fold this fin to line up with the first fin.
Step 41 Step 41: Open up the wings and fins.
Step 42 Step 42: When holding the plane, the wings should be angled a bit and the fins should stand straight up.
Step 43 Step 43: Now it's ready for some epic space battles. Hold the middle of the star crusher like this and launch it. To shoot imaginary laser beams, say "pew, pew, pew"!

How to Make a Star Crusher Paper Airplane? [VIDEO]