Swashbuckler Paper Airplane Page 2

Step 14Step 14-2 Step 14: Fold the left and right triangle corners to the top point.
Step 15Step 15-2 Step 15: Fold the enter top of the triangle down to where the top point meets the bottom of the triangle.
Step 16 Step 16: Turn the paper over.
Step 17Step 17-2 Step 17: Fold the left half to the right.
Step 18Step 18-2Step 18-3Step 18-4 Step 18: Fold the wings while making sure the two corners (indicated by the two black arrows) come together.
Step 19Step 19-2 Step 19: At the edge of the wing, fold in the fin (about the width of your pinky).

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Step 20 Step 20: Turn the paper over.
Step 21Step 21-2 Step 21: Fold the second wing to line up with the first wing.
Step 22Step 22-2 Step 22: Fold the fin for this wing as well.
Step 23 Step 23: Unfold the wings and fins.
Step 24 Step 24: Before flying, make sure the wings are tilted up a bit and the fins are standing straight up.
Step 25 Step 25: You can get a good hold of the plane if you hold it near the front like this. Now throw it up at an angle and watch it loop and swoop!