Simple Origami Fish Instructions

Simple Origami FishFollow the instructions below to make this Simple Origami Fish
Difficulty: Easy

This fish is very simple and easy to make. You'll also have a lot of fun just drawing on its patterns.

For a more complex model, you can try this origami fish. It's not very difficult, so it's worty a try.

Step 1 Step 1: Start with a square piece of origami paper. If you only have regular 8.5x11 paper, follow these instructions to make it into a square sheet.
Step 2Step 2-2 Step 2: Fold the the upper left corner to the lower right corner, then unfold.
Step 3Step 3-2 Step 3: Fold the upper right corner to the lower left corner, then unfold.
Step 4Step 4-2 Step 4: Fold the top half back, then unfold.
Step 5 Step 5: With your finger, poke the center, so that it pops in.
Step 6Step 6-2 Step 6: Collapse the paper into a triangle by bringing the sides in.
Step 7 Step 7: Rotate the triangle left 90° (counter-clockwise).
Step 8 Step 8: Fold the bottom corner up a little above the center as shown.
Step 9 Step 9: Fold the top flap over the bottom one as shown.
Step 10 Step 10: Turn the simple origami fish over and draw in the eye and some patterns!

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