Easy Origami Pug Dog Instructions

Pug origami final step
Difficulty: Easy
Learn how to fold an easy origami pug dog or puppy. It’s very easy to make one and only takes a minute with these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1
Pug origami step 01
Start with a square piece of origami paper. I am using an 7×7 inches two color sided origami paper.

If you only have regular paper, follow these instructions on how to make a square origami paper.

Step 2
Pug origami step 02
If you are using two color sided paper then face the darker side upwards and rotate the paper diagonally.

Step 3
Pug origami step 03
Fold the paper in half by folding the top corner to the bottom corner.

Step 4
Pug origami step 04
Fold the bottom corner of the top layer up about halfway.

Step 5
Pug origami step 05
Flip over the model.

Step 6
Pug origami step 06
Fold the bottom corner of the top layer up about halfway.

Step 7
Pug origami step 07
Mentally divide the paper into 3 parts and fold the left 1/3rd over.

Step 8
Pug origami step 08
Now fold in the right side.

Step 9
Pug origami step 09
Fold out the right ear.

Step 10
Pug origami step 10
Fold out the left ear.

Step 11
Pug origami step 11
Fold in the top left and right corners.

Step 12
Pug origami step 12
Fold in the bottom corners.

Step 13
Pug origami step 13
Turn the paper over.

Step 14
Pug origami step 14
You can also fold the ears in if you don’t like pointy ears.

Step 15
Pug origami final step
Draw the pug’s face and now you have a cute paper pug to play with!


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