How to Make an Origami Horse Head

Horse origami step 17
Difficulty: Easy
Follow the simple step-by-step instructions with pictures to learn how to make an easy origami horse head.

The origami horse head has a couple of folds that will require you to guess how far to fold and when to stop because there are no lines and creases to assist you. Just go along with the instructions and you should be fine, even though it won’t turn out perfect the first time.

Horses are revered as majestic, strong, and hardy animals in almost every culture on earth. They’ve also had a significant impact on the course of human history as a whole, forever altering the face of agriculture and transportation.

The horse is also a representation of strength, energy, resilience, freedom, speed, beauty, royalty, strength, and vigor. In addition, horses make nature more beautiful and adorable.

However, in the present day, children and adults love engaging in horse riding activities and in this line, making an origami horse would have been the best choice you could make for your children and your loved ones which of course is easy to make even for a beginner. Therefore, making an origami horse could serve as a very precious and wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Is Origami Good for Your Brain?

Yes, because origami helps to equip your brain. Additionally, it develops fine motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, and mental focus, all of which stimulate the brain. The motor and visual parts of children’s brains are activated as they complete the paper-folding activities, which naturally improves performance.

How Can I Make my Horse Head Origami Last Longer?

You can make your origami horse head last longer by using Polycrylic. Apply many coats of Polycrylic to your folded pattern for a tough-as-nails clear finish. The water-based brush-on polyurethane known as Polycrylic is frequently used to provide wood surfaces with a protective coating. To add a sturdy finish to a tiny or large origami masterpiece, simply paint it on, let it dry, and you’re done.

What Does Origami Horse Mean?

The horse poses a special challenge for origami artists looking to replicate the character of the animal. All around the world of animal symbolism, horses get the best treatment because of their unique characteristics among all other origami animals. Some of the characteristics it represents includes power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, vitality.

Where do You Store Origami Models?

There are ways to store your origami creations and it all depends on how much you value them. The most effective way is using Plastic zip top storage bags or large manila envelopes to store origami papers. If you do have a sizable accumulation of paper though, try looking for a child-sized shoebox that may be utilized for vertical paper storage.

How to Make an Origami Horse Head?

Following the steps mentioned in this article, you can make a simple origami horse head in a few minutes. All you need is your dedication, colored markers, and origami paper, as we earlier discussed, and you’re good!

Step 1
Horse head origami step 1
Begin with a square sheet of origami paper. I used an 7×7 inches origami paper.

If you only have regular paper, follow these instructions on how to make a square origami paper.

Step 2
Horse origami step 2
Flip the paper over to face the lighter side upwards and rotate it diagonally.

Step 3
Horse origami step 3
Fold the left corner and place it on the right corner.

Step 4
Horse origami step 4
Unfold. You now have a straight crease where the dotted grey line goes.

Step 5
Horse origami step 5
Fold in half again, but this time by taking the top corner and placing over the bottom corner.

Step 6
Horse origami step 6
Unfold again.

Step 7
Horse origami step 7
Take a part of the bottom corner and fold it to the center.

Step 8
Horse origami step 8

Step 9
Horse origami step 9
Turn the paper over.

Step 10
Horse origami step 10
Fold a part of the corner to the crease you just made.

Step 11
Horse origami step 11
Turn the paper over.

Step 12
Horse origami step 12
Fold in a part of the left and right edges, but make sure not to go pass the creased corners at the bottom.

Step 13
Horse origami step 13
Using the top of the left and right as fold point, fold the top flap down.

Step 14
Horse origami step 14
Fold a part of the same flap upwards.

Step 15
Horse origami step 15
Fold in the top left and right corners

Step 16
Horse origami step 16
Fold the figure in half.

Step 17
Horse origami step 17
Draw on the eyes and nostril. Now you have an origami horse head!


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