How to Make an Origami Rocket Ship

Rocket ship origami final
Difficulty: Easy
Follow the simple step-by-step instructions with pictures to learn how to make an easy origami space rocket ship.

Blast off with this origami rocket! Just kidding, it’s flat and doesn’t fly, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make. It’s great for crafts and gluing on to posters. Kids will have a lot of fun with this one.

Step 1
Rocket origami step 1
Start with a square origami paper or a piece of regular paper. I am using an 7×7 inches origami paper.

If you only have regular paper, follow these instructions on how to make a square origami paper.

Step 2
Rocket origami step 2
Flip over the paper so the lighter side faces you.

Step 3
Rocket origami step 3
Fold the paper in half, left to right.

Step 4
Rocket origami step 4
Unfold. You now have a straight crease where the dotted grey line goes.

Step 5
Rocket origami step 05
Fold the paper in half again, top to bottom.

Step 6
Rocket origami step 06

Step 7
Rocket origami step 07
Fold the top edge to the center.

Step 8
Rocket origami step 08
Turn the paper over.

Step 9
Rocket origami step 09
Fold the left corner to meet at the middle.

Step 10
Rocket origami step 10
Fold the right corner to meet at the middle

Step 11
Rocket origami step 11
Fold the right edge to meet at the middle.

Step 12
Rocket origami step 12
Fold the left edge to meet at the middle.

Step 13
Rocket origami step 13
Fold about 2/3rds (two thirds) of the left and right flaps out.

Step 14
Rocket origami step 14
Turn the figure over.

Step 15
Rocket ship origami final
You can decorate it the way you want it! Now are you ready to fly this?


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