Pet Dragon Page 3

Step 21Step 21-2 Step 21: Fold this wing to line up with the first wing.
Step 22Step 22-2Step 22-3 Step 22: Fold the wing again along the red line. The line should begin where the head and the wings meet, and the tip of the tail. The tail part may be hard to fold, so use your fingernail to help.
Step 23 Step 23: Turn the paper over.
Step 24Step 24-2 Step 24: Fold this wing to line up with the other wing.
Step 25 Step 25: Unfold the wing again.
Step 26Step 26-2 Step 26: Fold the wing again, but this time bringing the red arrows together.
Step 27 Step 27: Turn the paper over.
Step 28 Step 28: Unfold this wing.
Step 29Step 29-2 Step 29: Fold this wing like step 26. Fold this wing to match the other wing.
Step 30 Step 30: Open up the wings. Now let's get ready to fly!
Step 31Step 31-2 Step 31: Straighten up the wings a bit so that it looks like this when you're holding the dragon at the bottom base.
Step 32 Step 32: Hold this part of the dragon and throw it up at an angle or straight up into the air.

How to Make a Pet Dragon Origami [VIDEO]