Pet Dragon Page 2

Step 11Step 11-2 Step 11: Fold the top two corners down to the center.
Step 12 Step 12: Hold the top half and find the crease on the back of the paper.
Step 13Step 13-2 Step 13: Fold the top down at the crease on the back of the paper to make a triangle.
Step 14Step 14-2 Step 14: Fold up the triangle at about a thumb's width from the top edge.
Step 15 Step 15: Turn the paper over.
Step 16Step 16-2 Step 16: Fold the tip down to about the halfway point after the crease. This will be the dragon's "horn".
Step 17 Step 17: Turn the paper over.
Step 18Step 18-2 Step 18: Fold the left half to the right.
Step 19Step 19-2 Step 19: Fold the wing by folding the red arrows together.
Step 20 Step 20: Turn the paper over. Almost done!

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